Friday, September 6, 2013

School Week 1

It's only been 3 days since the start of school.  It has been a big adjustment for us so far.  Andrew is starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with the classwork.  It's not so much the nature of the courses.  It's more about keeping up in class.  He is not use to taking notes while someone is talking.  The English course is going to be the most difficult for him.  I know once the dust settles he will do great!  I'm waiting for the teacher to set up her website.  That is one thing I love about the school district...the websites.  Most of the teachers have one.  There is a calendar that has all the assignments, quiz information and homework for each day. 

Andrew's favorite subject so far is Spanish.  He has enjoyed the class and the teacher.  His guidance counselor has paired him up with a couple of boys to show him the ropes.  This has helped out a lot with easing his nervousness.  I remember all too well how hard the first few weeks of school were.  I must admit...I miss him SO much during the day.  I can only imagine how hard this is on my husband.  He only gets to see him for about an hour each day!  I'm pretty sure that is adding to Andrew's struggles this week. 

Hannah is off to a great start.  Math is pretty hard for her.  I found a math website called Math TV,  where you will find videos for everything from basic math to advanced math.  In ONE day Hannah finally grasped place values!  We have been working on this for sometime now.  Each section has videos taught by a different teacher. 

We are also working on her handwriting this year.  She has couple of pen pals that she really enjoys writing to.  If your child struggles with writing find a pen pal!  When the letter comes in the mail, Hannah runs to the schoolroom to write her back. 

In addition to all of the basic courses, Hannah and I are reading through the Anne of Green Gables books.  Right now we are reading about the author LM Montgomery.  It has been pretty interesting so far.  We are waiting on, Where the Brook and River Meet, to get here.  This is what we will be using with the Anne of Green Gables books.  There are a lot of neat activities to go along with them. 

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