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Understanding Child Brain Development {TOS Review}

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Understanding how your child's brain develops is among one of the most important things to understand.  Especially if you have children with disabilities and/or developmental delays.   The way the brain works has been of great interest to me.  More so since my sister developed encephalitis, a brain infection.  Her infection was caused from the herpes virus.  It required major brain surgery and the removal of the dead tissue.  She had to endure many years of rehab, which she still has.  So when we were given the chance to review Understanding Child Brain Development developed by the Family Hope Center, I jumped at the chance.  We have 2 with developmental delays and many learning disabilities. 

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I really wish I had this years ago when my children were little.  There were so many Ah-ha moments for us when watching this.  For years we had no clue about how our children learned.  If we would have known about brain development I know it would have helped us a great deal. 

Family Hope Center is a place for parents to get help with their special needs children.  They treat and teach the whole family on care of those with special needs.  They offer a wide array of teaching materials. No matter what your child's special need is the center will be able to assist you.  From personal point of view you feel like you are alone with no hope while caring for someone with disabilities.  My husband and I are seriously considering contacting Family Hope Center for help.  I REALLY wish we had known of them before our children grew up.  Please do not wait to reach out for help.  There is help out there all you have to do is ask.

Understanding Child Brain Development is a recorded conference on how your child's brain developed.  This seminar has been very informational for us.  The way brain development is described is easy to understand.  So often we as parents we blame ourselves when it comes to anything with our children.  My favorite quote from the seminar is, "Your not the problem, the problem is the problem."  One important thing I have really come to terms with is that I cannot "fix" my child's brain.

The worst thing for me was not knowing how to help my children.  Watching them day after day struggle to do basic math or counting money.  It was very hard to find something that really worked in getting lessons to "click".  This seminar taught me how to discover my children's abilities and not their disability.  So often as a parent of special needs I found myself defining my child as their disability.  Does that make any sense to you?  It wasn't until I watched this seminar did I realize HOW to really work with my children's abilities. 

You can purchase this DVD from the Excellence in Writing website for $19.00.  This will be the BEST money spent on learning how to help your child. 

There were about a hundred of us that reviewed this DVD.  If you would like what other's have said about this click on the banner below.

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