Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Our beautiful hostess is Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
{The Weather}
It is looking like we are going to have a beautiful week!  I will be getting outside a lot this week.

{Right Now I Am}
Listening to the traffic outside.  The kids are in their rooms quietly working on cleaning.  OR supposed to I should say!

That being a landlord is NOT for us.  It has created a huge mess of our finances.  We finally got an offer on our house.  BUT this is not without problems.  We have a lot of money we need to come up with in a short amount of time!

{On My Reading Pile}
With all the stress regarding our finances I've been reading the bible more than normal.

{What I Found While Surfing the Net}
There has not been a lot of surfing lately.

{On My TV}
Little House on the Prairie

{On the Menu this Week}
Since we have to save every penny we have to pay off bills our meals will be very light.  We have a lot of lettuce so there will be salads. We have a ton of zucchini so we will also be having that. 

{On My To Do List}
Since I will be home a lot in the coming weeks  I will be starting a bunch of projects here. 

{In the Craft Basket}
I'll be picking up my crochet again.  Hopefully I remember how to do it.  It has been ages since I picked up any hooks.  I might also re-learn knitting.

{Looking Forward to this Week}
Just having a quiet week at home

{Looking Around the House}
My gardens really need some attention.

{From the Camera}
Andrew and Katrina's boyfriend having a cannonball competition.  We had such a wonderful weekend while he was visiting.  He is a great guy!

{On My Prayer List}
Us and the sale of our house
Our Church
Family and Friends going through a lot
Our small community has been shaken to the core.  3 young adults were killed in a horrible car accident.  Our community might be down right now but we will brush ourselves off and once again rise to the top.

{Bible Verse, Devotional}
"I want you to discipline your mind to minimize worry and maximize worship. This will require much ongoing effort, but you’ll find that it is a path to freedom. When you realize you’re thinking about something at the wrong time—a worrisome thought at a time when you can do nothing about it—take swift action. Tell yourself, 'Not now!' and direct your mind elsewhere. The best direction for your thinking is toward Me." -Jesus Today by Sarah Young, p. 176

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Looks like you're going to have a great week with nice temps, enjoy your time outside.

I'm praying for you and Matt as you go through this rough financial period. God will provide!

Hearing you say you are going to start crocheting again makes me happy lol But then you know how I am with a crochet hook and yarn lol

Have a great week my friend,