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Ed Douglas Publications~25 Truths {TOS Review}

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Lets face it life is hard!  Every time we turn around we are bombarded with things from left to right.  So as a member of Schoolhouse Review Crew we were given the opportunity to review the book "25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us" by Ed Douglas Publications.  

Just like the title states, this book is comprised of 25 truths to assist us in life.  The book is meant to be used as a family devotional book.  For review purposes we were asked to pick at least 3 truths and go through them as a family. 

So after our supper everyday we opened this book and went through one of the truths.  We have done this for over a month now and are learning a lot about each other. 

One of the truths that created a lot of discussion was "Truth 3 Watch What you say, do, and write."
This is something we all struggle with.  With Facebook and Twitter it is so easy to say what you think first then decide if its appropriate or nasty later.  I know I've been guilty of it many times.  I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve at times. 

So at the end of the short reading there are 5 discussion questions to be answered by each member of the family.  We gave each of our children paper and pencil and asked them to write their answers down.  The questions really make you stop and think about yourself.  Especially when it comes to your actions.

The second truth that was our favorite was "Truth 12 Learn what brings true happiness". 

Again we all struggle with this area in our life.  Many people think that the more "stuff" they have the happier they will be.  Our church has a grocery distribution once a month.  This simple gift of help has been a big such a blessing to us.  Helping people is so rewarding. 

In the discussion question section we were asked to list three things that bring us happiness.  Most of us answered family, friends and home.  The more we discussed it the more we started changing our answers.  We came to the conclusion that we were all most happy when we were helping others or serving the Lord. 

Our third favorite was "Truth 13 Make Every Day Your Best Day"
This one really hit home for us.  Our small little town has been rocked by tragedy.  3 young adults lost their lives in a horrific car crash.  Two survivors are in critical condition at the hospital.  This has taught us that the small things we disagree on are not worth it.  A quote from the book pretty much sums it up.  "Be enthusiastic, smile, be happy, and try to make every day the best day possible.  An accumulation of "best days" will lead to a very happy life."
There is no way I will ever take one moment of life for granted.  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow.  One of the discussion questions asks if we know anyone who always has a "sunny outlook".  Each one of my kids said "YES Papa".  That is true.  My Dad is one of those people who always has a smile on his face. 
This book has really been more than just a quick read and discussion.  It has changed the way we talk around the dinner table. 
You can purchase this book for $12.50 plus tax and shipping.  This book is for all ages young and old. 

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