Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whole Wheat Tortillas

I mentioned in my previous post about us changing our way of eating.  Well today we started putting those changes in motion this week. 

I know there are a ton of bloggers who have made their own tortillas.  I had tried a few times to make different ones with no luck.  They were dry, flavorless, and just plain hard to swallow.  We purchased the book 100 Days of Real Food.  So today I decided to try her recipe.  I added a few of my own ingredients for added flavor. 

These were so easy to make I was very surprised!!  It even got my son out in the kitchen with me!  He was the one who pressed them all.  The press we purchased was from Amazon.  Next time I make them I will have less dough so they are thinner.  These were great though!

We wrapped the press with plastic wrap to prevent the dough from sticking.  It also gave us easy clean-up.

Fresh from the press.  I liked the small size because it really helps with the portion control.  Next we added the tortilla to the frying pan.

Whole Wheat Tortillas
(Adapted from 100 Days of Real Food)

3 Cups of whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon onion powder
5 tablespoons coconut oil
1 cup warm water

The dough came together very quickly using my stand mixer.  I added the dry ingredients, whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt and my added ingredient, onion powder.  Then while the mixer is on low with the whisk attachment add coconut oil (pure).  Mix until it looks like a crumble mixture.  I changed the mixer attachment to the dough hook.  With the mixer on low slowly add the cup of warm water.  Mix until the dough comes together.  Turn the dough out onto a cutting board lightly dusted with whole wheat flour.  Knead a few times until it is all smooth.  I then cut the dough into equal pieces.  I was able to get 20 tortillas from this recipe.

With a tortilla press or your rolling pin flatten the dough out.  Make sure they are uniform in size.  The shape will be off, but that gives them character. 

Cook each tortilla in a very hot pan until they are lightly brown on each side.  I found I didn't need any additional oil in the pan.  Cooking in the pan took about a minute for each side.


Farmlife Chick said...

Those look so good! Love the pictures!

The Foodie Physician said...

These tortillas look great! I've never made my own but now I'm totally inspired! Thanks for sharing.