Monday, January 5, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We are currently in a deep freeze! No warm-up in sight.  We are doing our best to stay warm.  It is time like these I really wish we had our woodstove going.  I believe I said this last year at this time.  We are thick skinned here in NY.  I would much rather have cold temperatures than hot.  Right now the only parts of my body that are cold are my feet and my nose.  HAHA!  My feet are always cold, that comes with the nerve damage.

So when colder temperatures come our way I find the need to be in the kitchen.  Today we are having roasted chicken...

It smells delicious!  I cannot wait to eat this.  Along with this we are going to have 4 cheese mashed potatoes and green beans.  Total comfort food right there. 

Temperatures are supposed to dip below 0 degrees tonight.  So we are bringing out the extra blankets and space heaters.  I will be getting out my flannel jammies and leggings.  See piece of cake!

Tomorrow I will make some Chicken and Biscuits with the left over chicken.  Then with the left over bones I will make some chicken stock to can.  I will keep this house warm one way or another.  I have had a craving for some cheese bread also.

Later this week I will be pulling everything out of my closet to organize it.  That should keep me warm as well right?!  Well there is a method to my madness with that... in the back of my closet is the suitcase my grandmother gave me.  Inside of that is her knitting needles.  I cannot wait to pull it out again and look through it. 

How are you keeping warm in the cold?


Tori Leslie said...

Wow, it's cold there for sure! your chicken and biscuits look so yummy and comforting!
Organizing your closet? I totally need to do that, but not today! :0)

Carrie B. said...

Hi Jen!

So nice catching up with your posts a bit. I love seeing the updates about your family from your new year's post. Blessings to you all and I sure hope you're feeling better!!

Your roast chicken looks delicious! What time do you want me for dinner? Lol! I think your food photography is looking A+. I really want to get better in that dept.

God bless and have a wonderful week dear Gal. xo

Jen said...

Tori~~ I am still working on organizing my closet. Haha! I had forgotten how much yarn I actually have. I am going to start an afghan with it all.

Carrie~~ Thank you for the sweet comment. I am really working hard on my photography skills. I am starting to feel better. It has been hanging on.