Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bathroom Storage Solution

Our downstairs bathroom has no storage.  I had no place to put towels for the bathroom.  We don't even have enough floor space for a basket.

I do love the bathroom.  But not having a place for the towels was starting to get to me.  I like everything to have a place.

Recently I was searching Pinterest for storage ideas.  I came across someone who had used a wine rack for the towels.  It was worth a try.  NOW I needed to find the right one.  After a little bit of searching I found one on Amazon for about $20.  Not too bad!
Someday I will have matching towels for the bathrooms.  For now I'm happy just to get a clean towel.  The towels somehow make it into the kids rooms.  Of course our 4th child, "I don't know" puts them there often.  


the smelly lady said...

Very good idea! I currently store mine just outside the door in a little cabinet because the roof leaks over the bathroom. Hope to get it fixed soon.

Sandra said...

That is a great idea Jen, and I actually love your towel colors :)

Farmlife Chick said...

I love that idea! Such a space saver too! We have a child named " I don't know" as well!:)