Friday, February 28, 2014

Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

We have been slowly trying to change the way we do things around here.  We are attempting to become a little more self sufficient.  A long (I mean long!) time ago we purchase a laundry soap kit from Lehmans.  Since I had never attempted to make my own liquid laundry soap this was perfect.  Well this kit was shoved from room to room and house to house.  So yesterday my son and I decided to give it a try.  Mainly because we were out of laundry soap.

The kit came in a very large bucket.

Inside the bucket was everything (I mean everything) you need to make the detergent. 

So inside the bucket was... Borax, Washing Soda, 5 bars of Fels-Naptha soap, Large wooden spoon and a grater.  As well as very detailed instructions on how to do this.

The hardest part of the whole process was the grating of the soap.  That is where this very handsome strapping young man came in.

For one batch all you need is half of one bar grated up.
Looks like cheese close up.  But please do not eat this! I'm sure it wouldn't be very tasty!

Next up we need to melt the grated soap in 4 cups of water over medium heat in a very large pan.

Stir from time to time so it doesn't scorch on the bottom.  At this point it is not thick at all.  Next we add 1/2 a cup of borax and 1/2 a cup of washing soda.

Remove the pan from the heat and stir until it is well mixed and the borax and washing soda is dissolved.  Now into the bucket place 4 cups of hot water.  Add the soap mixture and stir well.  Now add 1 gallon (yes that is correct) plus 6 cups of water to the mixture.  Stir again until it is well mixed.

It is really starting to look like laundry soap now.  I am amazed at how simple this is!  Only 4 ingredients as well.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the bottle of detergent from the store??

Now put the lid back on the bucket and let it sit for at least 24 hours!  Now after the amount of time of sitting quietly undisturbed it will be ready to use!

I honestly could not wait to try it out!  I had my hubby grab some of his work clothes.  See he works around transformer oil all night.  His work clothes are well pretty stinky!  Sorry honey but they are.  I used the 1/2 a cup like the instructions stated.  I also added to the softener dispenser, 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar and 5 drops of lemon essential oil.  The clothes came out very C.L.E.A.N!!  I was so excited!!  I walked around the house grabbing this and that to wash today.  Everything came out clean.  I have been adding essential oils to the dispenser with each load. I like my bedding to have a lavender scent and our towels to have rosemary.  I will never go back to store bought detergent again.


Farmlife Chick said...

Wow! I have 2 of the four ingredients! You just pushed me closer to doing this!!

Julia said...

It sounds great. I'm going to try that recipe the next time that my supply of laundry detergent runs out. I have bought 6 bottles on special. I live in Canada so I will try using Sunlight laundry bars instead of Naptha Fel bars. They are not available in canada I don't think. I have a big box of Arm and Hammer Laundry Soda and a big box of Borax in my laundry cupboard and I have some essential oils also.

Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

I always make the powdered laundry detergent, but I am out and need to make more, so I'll try the liquid way this time :) Thanks for the instructions Jen :)

Christine said...

I'm going to try this too. I hope the four ingredients are available at Walmart. Did you ever see them there? Thank you, Jen!

MM said...
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MM said...

Here in Massachusetts where I live, the local Walmart has all the ingredients, including the Fels Naptha soap. I remember checking one afternoon when I was shopping after reading the recipe for home made detergent on Sandra's blog. I too have a stockpile of detergent I bought on special, but plan on trying to make it. You have me curious. I don't have any essential oils, any suggestions as to where one could buy them? BTW, sorry for the deleted comment, I had made a few spelling typos.

Matt said...

Yes my work clothes do stink. I am very excited that you FINALLY tried that big bucket of stuff I bought you 4 years ago! hahaha! I have extremely bad skin, so it is exciting that the chemicals they put in at the factories won't be in out laundry soap anymore. I really do like the path we are taking with being more self-sufficient. Companies use things to make them more money in so many ways. In this case laundry soap companies use chemicals to improve the cleaning of clothes, but if you wouldn't touch the chemicals with your hands, individually for fear of burns or worse; then why would you wear it on your body, by way of your clothes? I am incredibly impressed with what we have changed so far!