Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Circle Time {TOS Review}

When I first saw Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of your Homeschool Day written by Kendra Fletcher of  Preschoolers and Peace come up for review I wasn't sure what to expect.  I pictured me trying to get my teenagers on the floor in a circle to listen to stories and sing songs.  I knew that just wasn't going to work.

I received the ebook and was able to download it right away.  This ebook is just about 33 pages long.  I was able to read through it with ease.  I decided to print it out and put it in a binder.  That is a lot easier for me. 

Do not let the title fool you like it did me.  This book is full of useful ideas for kids of all ages.  It gave me a lot of ideas I plan on incorporating into our school day.  Even with kids who are older like mine, I did get a lot of useful ideas.

I have never been a planner.  Especially when it comes to our schooling.  I usually spend time the night before "planning" out what we will do the following day.  So I was really thrilled to see that I could use this as a way to loosely plan what we would do.

This is not just about planning out your day.  It is also about how to incorporate all ages into a group lesson.   There are ideas about how to keep the little ones occupied while the older children are doing a lesson.  She even includes a "Summer Schedule" and a "Fall Schedule".   I admire those families that have a wide range of ages at home. 

A few suggestions we decided to use in our day is the Prayer "box" and Scripture Memory box.  Although our prayer box isn't a box at all.  It's a binder we will be using.  I have divided the binder up according to the days of the week.  Each day we pray for a different missionary family we know.  We also pray daily for friends, family and our church.  There are extra lines at the bottom of the pages for prayer requests we get at church each week.

My kids love their binders.  They have all said it has really helped them stay focused when praying about things on their lists. 

A while ago we were given a box with Scripture memory verses in it.  We decided to use that for our memory verse work.  This is one area we are really lacking in.  So we pick one verse a week and work together as a family to memorize it.

If you have young children, older children and everything in between.  This "little" ebook is so much more than a how-to.  It will encourage you as well to help you fit all the things into your homeschool day.  You can purchase Circle Time on the Preschoolers and Peace website for only $4.99. 

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