Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Weekend...

We had a very nice weekend.  We had our daughter Hannah all to ourselves.  Katrina and Andrew went to their dad's for the weekend.  Hannah did not want to go, for various reasons.  I am so glad she didn't.  I often do not get the chance to spend the one on one time with her.  So Friday I took her out to dinner and then some shopping.  We stopped at walmart to pick up a few things. 

No I did not buy this bear for her.  They were almost $20!  Besides it was almost as big as she was.  We were able to score a lot of little things that were on clearance.  Hannah said, "oh my I love clearance!"  
Saturday I got this in the mail...
It's funny that a little piece of paper can mean so much!  I have been discussing with my husband (briefly) about possibly going on for my Masters in Human Services-Marriage and Family Counseling.  We are praying about it.  I must say it won't be for at least a year IF I do go back.  After talking with my advisor at Liberty, it would only take me 3 semesters because of all the extra classes I took for my BA.
Today I was completely blessed by the sermon. We Christians are under persecution. We need to buckle up for a very bumpy ride. Which I must add was delivered by my husband.  He has grown so much in his pastoral abilities.  Our pastor has really taken him under his wing and is teaching him all aspects of ministry.  He has been able to preach about 5 times already.  We have been attending since June, but feel like we have been there forever.
I have mentioned before about us searching for a church.  The one we found is amazing!!  No church is perfect, because there are no perfect people.  I have never felt so at home at a church before.  We can honestly say we love each person there with all our hearts.  They really are like brothers and sisters to us.  We laugh and cry together.  We talk a lot through out the week.  There is nothing I cannot share with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I love being able to be completely honest with them without feeling like I am being judged.  Or worse talked about behind my back.
This weekend I also finished the final paperwork for Katrina's graduation.  I cried a lot while filling the papers out.  I thought back to the past 18 years and can't believe how fast it goes.  She is going to pursue a career as a nursing assistant.  I am so proud at how far she has come.
So how was your weekend??


Farmlife Chick said...

Your whole family has accomplished so much!!!:) Praise the Lord!

Conny said...

Congrats on the diploma!! (I attended LU for a year ... back in 1988-89!). :)