Saturday, April 25, 2009

"You don't say"...Award

It's no surprise that I love to comment on other blogs. If we did not comment on each other's blogs how are you to know that people are really reading what you say? I have received this great award for commenting on Wandering Quail Road. Thank you so much for this award!!

Here is the info on the award.

"We give and get awards for having a great blog and being a good friend. What I want to award is those people whose comments have meant THE WORLD to me. It takes time to visit a blog and leave a comment ... I wanted to recognize some special bloggers whose comments have made such an impact on me. The “You Don’t Say?” Award is awarded to these special bloggers in hopes that they will pass the award along to 5-10 of their best commenters!"

I love ALL comments, So if you have EVER commented on my blog please grab the button below and know that I love each comment I've ever received. It lets me know that I actually have readers and I'm not just talking to myself....again....LOL!!

1 comment:

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

LOL...nope, not talking to yourself! I read your blog faithfully and love it. Keep it up!