Thursday, March 5, 2009

Consignment Treasures

Today the kids and I went to our local consignment shop. I hadn't been there in so long. There are rooms and rooms of stuff. What I love to look for are the old cookbooks hidden away on a shelf just waiting to be read. Well I found a few old ones and some new ones.
Here are the cookbooks I found today, well the ones I bought. I found a WHOLE bunch of old cookbooks for $5 or less. All of these above were $5 or less. The books I got were: Creative Cooking with aluminum foil (this one really peaked my interest), Pillsbury:Cookies, Cookies and more cookies, Cookies Galore, Pillsbury Best of the bake-off, and THE BEST today was a Gooseberry Patch book:Backyard Gatherings for $5! Then to top it off the woman who was selling the books knew me from when I was a kid and gave me a discount! I was so excited. I love Gooseberry Patch. I'm going to curl up on our couch with my books and read! Then this weekend I will bake.
These are the things the kids picked out. Not only are there very inexpensive books, but movies as well. Andrew got Air Bud: Golden Receiver ($3), Hannah got Aristocats($3), Katie wanted a book "The road to Avonlea"($1). My favorite book I ever had to read in high school was "Johnny Tremain" by Ester Forbes($1). I was so excited to find all this stuff. Also it is great to have a store like this so close to home. The kids can get "new" stuff with out breaking the budget.


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

WOW! You hit the jackpot on these great finds. Praise GOD for the discount. That was a true blessing.

Judy said...

Wow, those were some good deals. I love gooseberry patch also!
Have you all ever seen the Road to Avonlea show, it was on the Disney channel years ago when my kids were little. We have since bought the whole series on DVD, we love watching it, it's so wholesome and alot of humor, it's based on a family in early 1900's.

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

Great finds, Jen! Which thrift store did you visit? I love the gooseberry patch books and have several if you want to borrow any. I like their recipes and crafty ideas. The cookie book sounds good. Thanks for sharing your deals.